Guided Tour - Create a QUIZMEPRO School Account
(Examples below are taken from a Pictures and Audio Quiz. But the process is the same for all Quiz types.)

The link to create a new account is located on the Teacher/Student log in page for each Account type.

Creating your account is easy! Just fill in your information and select your school colors. Be sure to read the Terms and Conditions of Use for the site. Click the box at the end of the account creation page, indicating that you have read and understand the Terms and Conditions of Use, before clicking "Create Account".
(Terms and Conditions of Use are subject to revision at our sole discretion. You are responsible for checking, periodically, for revisions and for complying with such revisions. Accounts that are not accessed within a one-year period from its creation date will be deleted.)

Although optional, it is a very good idea to provide an alternate email address. Schools sometime initiate new policies whereby email from companies is blocked from school recipients. If that does happen, we will not be able to communicate with you should you lose the password to your account.


Your Account Creation will be confirmed on screen and an email sent to you with Login information.
Once you have read your email, the link provided will take you to the Login page. You can then enter your Login information and begin creating and administering tests for your students.

Teachers log in on the left side of the page with the account number sent to your email. Students log in on the right side of the page with the 2nd account number also included in that email.

When you click the Login button, you will be taken to your Teacher Dashboard - the Control Center for your account. From this panel, you can change any of the information in the profile that you submitted when you created your account. You can start the creation process for new tests, and you can manage the content and administration of any tests already created.
Click Change Profile, Add A New Test or Manage Existing Tests for more information about the individual features of the Teacher Dashboard, or What your Students see for more information about the Student interface.
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