Guided Tour - Managing Existing Quizzes for your QUIZMEPRO School Accounts
(Examples below are taken from a Pictures and Audio Quiz. But the process is the same for all Quiz types.)

From your Teacher Dashboard, Click the "Manage Existing Tests" button.


Manage Existing Quizzes

This Guide covers: Editing Content (Deleting and Adding words to a Quiz), Deleting an entire Quiz, and Changing the Times when a Quiz is available to your students.

From your Teacher Dashboard, click "Manage Existing Tests" to access these features.

There are 3 features in this category. You can choose to edit selected Content for a Quiz, or change the time for when a Quiz can be taken, or delete a Quiz that is no longer needed. Select one of your Quizzes by clicking the radial button next to the Quiz. Then select one of these 3 options. 

Edit Selected Content


Clicking this option allows you to edit the Content of a Quiz that has already been created. There are 2 different things you can do in this panel. You can delete words and/or add words to a Quiz.


Deleting Words

Deleting one or more words is easy. Just click next to each word you want to delete from the Quiz, then click the "Delete selected content" button. Remember, you must keep at least 4 words in any Quiz.
The next screen will tell you that the deletion was successful or tell you if there was a problem.

Adding Words

The second option from this menu is to add words to the Quiz. Simply fill in the blank with the number of words you want to add to the Content, make sure you have the correct language selected to the language of the original Quiz, and click the "Add Words" button. The example below will incur an error message because the original language of the Quiz was Spanish, but the English radio button is selected. If this happens to you, just use your browser's back arrow to return to this screen and make sure you have selected the correct language before clicking "Add Words."
A new page will open with 3 blank Word fields. Just as you did when you created the Quiz, click on any letter to select  words from that letter category. To select words that begin with the letter "A," click A above the "Choices" section. To select words that begin with the letter "B," click B, etc. It will take 7-8 clicks before your first word appears in the Content Boxes. After that, each word from the same letter selection will appear with a single click. If you change letters, it will take 7-8 clicks again to get started; but only one click after that.
The final screen will notify you of the success of the operation and an email will be sent to you confirming that the Content was updated.

Delete a Quiz

This option will allow you to delete Quizzes once they are no longer needed. To delete a Quiz, simply click the radio button next to the Quiz you want to delete and click the "Delete " button. 

Edit Quiz Time

When you click the "Edit Selected Test Time" button, you will be presented with a list of your current quizzes. Click the radio button next to the Quiz you want to edit, then click the "Edit Test Time" button.
Make the changes to the times you want your Quiz to be available, and then click the "Save Test Times" button. If the "Make Test Available At" setting is after the current date and time, your students will not be able to see the Quiz until your selected time period occurs.
Click Create Account to view information on how to create an account, Add A New Quiz or Change Your Profile for more information about the individual features of the Teacher Dashboard, or What your Students see for more information about the Student interface.
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