Guided Tour - "What your students see" in your QUIZMEPRO School Accounts

Teacher/Student Login

You will need to provide your students with Login information (provided in your Welcome email).  Students log in on the right side of the log in screen, with the student account number sent in your email and the password you chose for them when you created your account. Please stress to your students that we will not be able to provide them with their passwords. Only you can do that.
Please also stress to your students that they should complete all quizzes that they start. They should not stop in the middle of a quiz and close their browsers. While this will not affect your students' experience, it does have an adverse effect on our server. We would like to continue to provide this Free Service for years to come and your assistance in stressing this to your students is greatly appreciated.


Once the student fills in the Login information and clicks the "Login" button, he/she will see the Student Dashboard. From the Student Dashboard, the student will select one of the Quizzes that you have created for that class. Remember that the Quizzes are "time locked." A student will only be able to take a Quiz if ithe time period you specified for the Quiz has arrived.

Clicking the "Take this quiz" button next to a Quiz will start the Quiz and the student will see the first question.

If the Quiz is a "Picture Only" Quiz, it will look like this:
If the Quiz is a "Picture with Audio" Quiz, it will look like this:

If the Quiz is an "Audio Only" Quiz, it will look like this:

If the Quiz is an "Avatar Quiz, it will look like this:

If the Quiz is an "ESl" Quiz, it will look like this:

The 50/50 Button

The 50/50 button works a little differently for QuizMe! For Schools than the QuizMe! available to the general public. In the public version, the 50/50 button can be used on any question. In QuizMe! For Schools version, the student can elect to use the 50/50 button only once. After it is used, it will become unavailable for the rest of the Quiz.
When the 50/50 button is used, two incorrect answers are removed from the question. The correct answer and one incorrect answer remain available for selection. If viewing the Quiz with Internet Explorer, the difference in the remaining two answers will be obvious. If viewing the Quiz with Firefox, the difference is less pronounced. But, rolling the mouse over the available answers will indicate clearly which two answers remain and which two can no longer be selected.
Correct Answer: If a student chooses a correct answer for the test question, the question is scored as correct and the next question is immediately presented.
Wrong Answer: If a student chooses a wrong answer for the test question, the question is scored as incorrect. The student will receive immediate feedback that their response was wrong, the correct answer will be displayed, and the student will have to click the "Next Question" button to proceed to the next question. This feature has been included for wrong answers to provide the student with the opportunity to immediately review the word and to learn from his/her  mistake. The "Next Question" button is below the picture or audio file, on the left.
Once all of the questions have been completed, the student is presented with feedback in the form of a Quiz Recap. Correct answers are displayed in green. Incorrect responses are displayed in red. If a student chose to use the 50/50 option, that question is displayed in yellow. You can require your students to print the recap as proof of performance for homework assignments. Or students can take a snapshot of the recap page and turn that in. Most computer users have a simple print screen program installed.
Click Create Account to view information on how to create an account, Add A New Test, Change your Profile or Manage Existing Tests for more information about the individual features of the Teacher Dashboard.
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